Tuesday, August 1, 2017

1 Year Must Haves

I tried to put together a list of items that I don't think I could live without as baby girl just turned a year old!! Still can't believe she's a year!

Lovie - Emily sleeps with this security blanket that we call her lovie. We wash it often so I decided that I should buy extras should anything happen to it. I have three total so we should be good for a while!

Wood Blocks - She loves these things! I keep a few in a Ziploc bag in the diaper bag for emergency situations. They are great for her to build up, knock down, clap together and put inside things like an empty tissue box, Tupperware or empty puff container!

Sippy Cup - I probably spent $100 total finding a sippy cup that she could use. We found out she knew how to use a straw so we found a sippy cup that has a straw but it also retracts to keep it from spilling. We actually found this one in Disney so we bought another when we got home to have a back up.

Book/Toy Shelf - We had a built in unit in our last house but in our new house I didn't have anything to hold her books and toys. I put this shelf together in 30 minutes by myself which was great that it was so easy. I bought cute little mint cubes to go in the shelves. I like it because it's her height. She can get everything out that she needs and when she gets older I can turn it on its side and use it as she grows.

Tupperware - I have been giving baby girl empty Tupperware to play with since she was like 6 months old. She loves to try to put the tops on the bottles, put things in and shake them, and also stack them up. Cheap, easy to wash and keeps her busy for hours!

Aquaphor  - I love this stuff. I have it in all my bags! This stuff takes away every mark that she has. Baby girl has a little bit of eczema like her daddy so we need to keep her skin hydrated and protected. This stuff helps with dry skin, diaper rash and skin irritation.

Wipes - I recommend having pack of wipes in every room! You never know when you will need to wipe something up, wipe something off or wipe something down!

Puffs - These are a life saver! She will settle down in .5 seconds!

Teething Biscuits - These are a recent development. She definitely chows down on these things!

I'm still learning must haves each day but for now as long as I have these with me I should be ok!

P.S. I must say it feels good to be blogging again!

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