Friday, March 10, 2017

Sister Trip to Los Angeles!!!

Good Morning!
My sister and I are going to take a trip to LA and I am soo excited! We have everything planned out pretty much and I am anxious to feel the sunshine on my face! I've bought a few new items for our trip that I am super excited to wear!
And of course my sister and I are such big planners that we basically know where we are spending every minute of our trip! Which I planned and am OK with! :)
Any suggestions to places to see or eat at would be great! We will be there for three full days and basically two whole days of travel. But my sister and I never get alone time without the kids or our family members so I'm excited for some one on one facetime with her!
We are thinking of getting massages as well. I have been trying really hard to research a bunch of places close to our hotel so we don't have to travel far on our "relax by the pool day" but I think we'll have to venture out regardless. I've been looking at Bliss Spa. It has lots of locations all over the US and it looks decent on the insight. I want the actual spa feeling wherever we go, not some nail salon with a waxing room in the back.
Also I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo while we are out there. I have two the way I just told my Dad that I have tattoos and I'm shocked that he wasn't that mad! I got one when I was 18 of two little stars on my hip and the other one I got when I was 19 of a swirly design. Both are silly and don't mean anything expect they hold great memories of those I went with to get them. I want to get one honoring my Mom. My Dad said he was considering getting one too which blew my mind! I'm thinking of getting either her birthdate in roman numerals or her initials. My parents have the same initials before and after they got mom's maiden name started with an M and so did her married name! So I think that's rare and I could honor both of them with one tattoo. Or I've seen people get tattoos of the persons handwriting. I tracked down cards from my wedding and baby shower from my mom that says "Love Mom (and Dad)" on them but I would have them just trace her handwriting of 'Love Mom'. I guess I need to  make up  my mind before I go!!

Well I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! It's going to be freezing cold here in Michigan so I plan to hunker down with the little one and cuddle up! 

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