Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's been a while.....

It's been a while since I've posted. I have not been on my game lately. I just post when I feel like I have something to say or share! So here it goes....

//I've been intensely planning out my 2017 to help keep my mind off of things that happened in 2016. My sister and I plan to take a trip to Los Angeles, CA at some point....how do moms leave their kids for 5 days?

// This year Eric and I both turn 30 and baby girl turns 1! Its' a big year for the three of us I would say! Eric's family goes to Disney World every three years and this is the year we are going. We are actually flying there on Em's birthday. I'm not going to be one of those big production birthday Mom's but I plan to play up her first birthday so that when we go we can get free stuff! :)

//I switched from the breastfeeding birth control to the normal birth control and my body is recognizing the change right now. The birth control I was on before baby girl, I never had a period! When I asked to be put back on my normal birth control the pharmacy said it was $300 for a three month supply....I am not paying that so I asked for the generic....I'm not happy with the generic. Then I remember that my birth control company offers a coupon to never pay more than $25 for 1 month and $35 for 3! So hopefully my body will recognize the old and be super happy and no more periods! :)

//I'm battling hospital bills right now! The first pedestrian appointment we took Em to after being discharged from the hospital was really concerned with her not eating and throwing up. The dr. office was attached to the local hospital (which is a terrible hospital!!), so they walked us down to the ER with my 3 day old baby to run tests. They couldn't find anything wrong with her other than she wasn't eating. So they ran a million test that all came back normal(one of the most heart wrenching things to watch your child get poked and man handled for no reason!). I kept asking for them to give her formula(but me being a mom of 3 days I didn't know anything about formula either, so Eric went to get some but we couldn't get the bottles and everything figured out because I bought some dumb nipple that was supposed to simulate a boob but we couldn't get anything to come out of it!! Again PARENTS FOR 3 DAYS and planned to breast feed for a while! (we were both too stressed for her to latch)). After like 8 hours of tests all coming back normal, they told us they were going to put her and I in an ambulance and go to the children's hospital in Grand Rapids(an hour away). 1.)  Eric does not do well in hospitals so I wasn't looking forward to hitting the third one in 3 days! 2.) If Eric had to ride in an ambulance let alone follow behind one with his wife and newborn in it he would have had a panic attack, so I convinced them to let us drive there since all their test came back normal. Since they were concerned enough to want us to ride in am ambulance I would say this was an emergency type situation....however the insurance company denied our stay at the children's hospital for I'm not sure what reason. The children's hospital didn't do anything but give her a bottle, help me pump out breast milk and monitor her. They took one blood sample and that was it, no IV, no monitors, no nothing! Soo now were waiting for the insurance company to re-evaluate the medical records to see that we were referred to the children's hospital by the ER....umm HELLO you already covered all the ER tests why wouldn't you think this was an emergency!!!

//Our new HR girl and I were talking and we both have 5 year old labs. We quickly realized that being in a small town our dogs are from the same litter! What are the odds of that?! ahahaha

//Baby girl got a new bath tub that she can sit upright in and loves it! Now all of her toys stay close to her and they don't float away. Also she's doing very well sitting up on her own. She does great with the boppy pillow around her but is slowly getting better without it!
 Oh yea and I snapped this one over the weekend of Moose and Eric sleeping. Moose loves the recliners because he gets to lay on them too! One leg off and one leg on!

Sorry this post was so boring but it helped me to get my thoughts out to thanks!

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