Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

// Not a fan of Bloggers new home page. Why did they need to change anything? I'm usually pretty behind on my blog reading so I like to look back over a few days of peoples posts and this only lets you go back so far....not a fan!

//I have started weaning Em off breast milk. Since my mom died my supply has declined. I tried so hard to keep it up that week but I just wasn't making enough. Side note, no one told me how easy it was to make a formula bottle! I no longer have to stress about her next bottle, or if I'll make enough, or if I have enough in the freezer. I was home the whole week before mom passed and I used a large supply of frozen milk, but the next week we were home I blew through the rest of my supply! When we got home we bought formula and I only planned to give her a few formula bottles a day but then I realized that this was so much easier and less stressful than trying to up my supply and stress myself out more about life. So I'm proud that I gave her breast milk exclusively for 5 months. I'm going to start her on solids next week once I go grocery shopping...wish me luck and any suggestions are helpfully!

//I have three more people to shop for Christmas and one birthday. Now I need to have a serious present wrapping party....with a cocktail or two because this momma isn't breast feeding anymore! :)...(yes I've had a cocktail since she's been born but I'm always nervous about it and hardly finish it so I'm excited to be able to throw a few back this holiday!...#don'tjudgeme)

//I got new glasses and I love them!!! I've never loved a new pair of glasses. I usually buy new glasses and stick with my old ones for a while. (photo below)

//This might sound strange, but ever since mom's passing I have been researching about death, autopsies, anatomy and options for end of life care. I think it's crazy how many things are out there about that stuff. One of my fav clips to watch are 'Ask a Mortician'. She answers questions about death and explains how everything works during and after death. I find it fascinating because its something I've never learned anything about. She also has a book that I'm quiet interested in reading called Smoke Get in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty. You can read the first few pages on amazon.

//On a lighter note, we got Christmas jammies!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. Your post about it brought me to tears and I immediately took your advice and called my mom. I have been praying for you and your family every day!

    Formula is so so much easier. We give Juniper a bottle before bed and it gives me a much needed break. I know breast is best, but I do look forward to weaning her and truly enjoying a drink...a real drink, not the half drinks that I never finish!

    1. Thanks Audrey! Juniper is the cutest little girl!! There is no better feeling then breast feeding your child but after you have been doing it as long as I have you will want to give her formula and yourself a break!