Monday, November 7, 2016


Good Morning!
I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Here's our weekend in a few pictures!


I went to the salon Thursday to get my hair dyed to this beautiful auburn color but for some reason it turned to this dark brown. It's not terrible but I was definitely disappointed in the color. She's offered to correct it but I don't want it to get worse if she puts red or something in it. She knows I was disappointment because at the end I said it's too bad we didn't have time to cut my hair and she said "Julie I did cut your hair, you were just too focused on the way the color came out"....oops!

I never EVER take selfies so this is weird to post 3 in one post! I went to look at new glasses on Friday. I think I like the ones on the left better but I'm not sure I can bring myself to purchase purple frames....they look dark but they're purple. The ones on the right are just black which is what I'm used to. They are very similar but I'm open for suggestions. My current glasses are the ones below.

Eric went hunting for the weekend and my parents came to stay with me. I decided to give baby girl a bath by myself (which was a huge feet for myself because she hates baths!). I figured out that she was probably freezing cold the way we were giving her a bath so we tried a new method where she was all the way covered by the water and she loved it! After bath time we played a bit till my parents got there and she picked up this toy all by herself! She is usually grabbing for things but now she can pick them up!

My mom and I hit Target and a resale shop. I bought a new pack n play for baby girl to sleep in when we go for overnights at Eric's dad's house. We used to take her rock n play but she never slept more than 3-4 hours in it at a time. She sleeps through the night in her crib so I needed something similar that was flat for her to sleep in. I'm anxious to try it out!
After shopping we came home and cleaned my house which was awesome! I planned on having my Mom watch Em while I cleaned but she slept most of the afternoon so I had a few extra hands helping me! We cleaned all the windows in our house, inside and out. I cleaned the bathroom and the shower which felt really good to scrub it all down now that she is going to be sitting in tub part. I also went to down on the leaves in the front yard! We ordered some pizza and played scrabble the rest of the night. We also gave baby girl another bath because she enjoyed it so much the night before! I know you're not supposed to give them baths often so we wont give her another one till tomorrow but it's hard to now put them in there when you know they like it so much!
 We went to a surprise party for Eric's grandparents. It was a 60th anniversary and an 80th birthday party all in one. It was a good time and we got some great pictures out of it!

My nieces and nephews were all about Emily!

Grandparents with their grand kids and great grand kids

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