Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Friday

We have survived another week! Baby girl is 4 months old today and I can't believe it! Her four month appointment is for another few weeks but she currently....
weight:15-16lbs           height:26"
-loves to smile and talk
-has found her hand and loves to suck on her knuckle. very close to finding her thumb!
-not a fan of tummy time or baths...we're working on it
-not a fan of bows...also working on it
-sleeping 6-8 hours at night in her long as she wakes up after 3AM I'm good, anything before 3am is torture!
-loves her play mat
-likes to sit and watch mommy make dinner
-big fan of fans
-starting to grab for toys and other things in front of her
-takes a paci, a bottle, her hands and nursing....nipple confusion was not an issue for her
-eats 4 oz bottles every 3-4 hours. nursing on the weekends and at night
-loves country music and hates the wheels on the bus....literally makes a really sad face with her bottom lip curled over her top lip!
-moose is starting to give her kisses
Now a photo dump of the past few days!
Someone found their thumb in a strange way
My little bumble bee!
I'm making dinosaur tails for my nephew for Christmas. I'll post the final project, but here's what I'm going off of.
Mommy daughter photo session!
still learning about this snap chat thing
because cool people play scrabble on Saturday afternoons!
We were a family of tourists...or if you live in southwest Michigan  we were FIPS...flipping Illinois people ;)
Eric's Aunt sent Emily an adorable bracelet with her name and birth stone on it! I love it so much...first piece of jewlery!
Took this 'Hot Dog' to the vet on Halloween! His costume was a hit!
Scored this book, tshirt and pjs for Em's next year all 3 for $10 at Meijer!

I hope you had an amazing weekend!


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