Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Review

We had an amazing fall weekend! We didn't any thing scheduled so we just had a lazy weekend at the house! I love those type of weekends because it makes the time go slower!

We had a bonfire on our new patio! We had pretzels and cheese dip for dinner...not healthy but it worked for us! Whenever Eric holds Em he says "Take my picture!". I'm like well if I'm always taking pictures of you and her, I won't be in any of them! so we had to take separate pictures hanging on the patio with Em!
Also I bought a bunch of new bow's for Em on Friday! We are serious about stepping up our bow game! I got them from CuteBows4Girls on Etsy and I'm fairly pleased with them so far! I bought 6 bow and headband sets and the rest are bows that I can attach to the headbands. I found a new band that I like best though... NYLON! I cut up an old pair of nylons I had and they stretch and fit her head perfectly! That way the emphasis is on the bow and not the band. She has a large head so finding a band that fits and isn't too tight or too loose is difficult. The nylon fits like a clove but isn't too tight!
 Eric went fishing in the AM so it was just Em, Moose and I. We watched a few episodes of Glee and danced to a few of the numbers. Em was a little crabby this weekend and only wanted me to hold her. I find the best way to hold her instead of just standing and rocking is to DANCE! :) Glee is my new binge series on Netflix. Also food for thought I would love to start a Netflix series club. It would be like book club but with Netflix TV series! We had a few friends over Saturday night to try out our new patio for entertaining! It worked out great! Also Eric put together the bar from our wedding and it looks great. We had our wedding at my in-laws house so we had to bring everything including the bar. Well Eric wanted the bar to pretty much be the focal point of the reception so he built one and it turned out awesome! It's been at his Dad's for the past few years but he finally brought it home and reassembled it! He had to cut it down a big to fit because it was massive! We plan to stain it and add a few things but I think it'll work out nicely!
Sunday was another lazy day but we got a lot accomplished. I watched a few more episodes of Glee, I got my sewing machine out and learned how to use it all while holding Em! We did some tummy time and just relaxed all day!


Hope you had a fabulous weekend!




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