Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday

//Cheddar Jack Cheez-It's are delicious! I usually have the originals or the white cheddar but cheddar jack...HELLO!

//My boss won't sign off on any projects I've been working on lately and its driving me crazy! Just say yes! We both know its better to switch vendors and save money so why are we going to just sit on it? GRRR

//I found a new show that I LOVEEE and I found out it aired back in 2013 and only made one season... not cool NBC! I watched This Is Us on the NBC app then I looked at the other shows they offer and Guys with Kids was one of them and it is AWESOME! It's so funny and relatable!! If you have time check it out!!

//When (binge) watching a show on any app it's obnoxious watching the same commercials OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! Bravo and NBC need to change up their sponsors because I can recite their commercials now.

//I've been researching Christmas presents for everyone in our family. I like to make a list of everything I'm going to get everyone that way when I see it on sale or find it at a store I can pick it up. We have 21 people to buy for (not including ourselves) and 7 of those people have birthdays in November and December! I like to make a point to get them two separate gifts because they should feel special on their birthday and received two gifts.

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