Friday, October 14, 2016

Five on Friday

//For the past few weeks Eric brings home donuts on Friday which is amazing! It's like a little treat that you don't always get but when you do get them its amazing! Only on Friday they have French cruller donuts which are my favorite. The bakery in town calls them tractor wheels and I think its adorable!!!

//We are having our first family photo shoot next weekend while my sister is in town. She takes our photo for our Christmas card every year. Last year I was hoping I was pregnant when we took ours so I could surprise her with baby shoes or something. What I didn't know was that I was pregnant but we didn't find out till the next week! So this year I'm excited that our little one will be in the picture this year! :) These are the three outfits I need to choose from. I'm leaning towards the pink or green outfit then having her wear the red and black check one for the holidays.
//We have a ton of fall activities planned next weekend and the following so I'm super excited! I started to get in the mood when making pumpkin sugar cookies and watching Hocus Pocus! AMUCK AMUCK AMUCK!
// Someone is excited about being a bumble bee for Halloween! Thank you Google Photos for making this adorable GIF of my bumble bee! As parents you know you have to take like 7 pictures to get a good one and Google Photos make s a little GIF out of it for me! :)
// I'm excited to hang out on our patio this weekend as I'm afraid it'll be our last nice one! Here are a few sneak peaks at what we've done so far!

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  1. The green outfit is too cute-can't wait to see how gorgeous your family photos turn out! Enjoy your last few days on the patio; I know we're trying to take advantage of the last remaining days in the 70s over here!