Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Good Morning!

This weekend brought us beautiful fall weather, time with friends up north and relaxing projects around the house.

I wore this cute new dress to work! I thought I was looking professional and fly! Then I sat down and I instantly became a little slutty. I've only wore this dress standing and little did I know that it did this when I sit it in! Oops!
Eric's been dying to go up north and visit some of our friends and a lake we go camping at. I was hesitant to take the baby but we did it. It was a beautiful fall day and we had a good time.

 We recently put a door up on the side of our house going out to the backyard. It needed a light out there so in the mornings we can see what Moose is up to in the back yard. This is the finished product! Now all we need to do is pour the concrete and make some steps off the door and we will have a patio....just in time for winter! :/ #badtiming #shouldhavedonethissooner

We lounged around the rest of the day as you can see!

This is my last week being 28.....28 is cute....29 is pushing 30! I embrace each year and LOOOOVE to celebrate my birthday! This year I'll get to celebrate it with my daughter which will be amazing!


  1. Better late than never on the patio though, right? Glad you guys all got to get up north for a little bit. There is no better time to be there than the fall, if you ask me!

    1. Yes! Michigan is a beautiful place to live but in the fall it just amplifies it's beauty!