Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Friday

Last night I received an early birthday present from my husband and Emily! It is the sweetest thing!!! When Emily was born I wanted a "push present" of a band with her birthstone on it. I was going to get one that was for the month of August but I'm glad I didn't because she was born in July! Eric knew I went to the local jewelry shop and found something but since I just started maternity leave money was tight. I was fine with just having my little girl as a push present because she's the best! Last night Eric brought her to me to nurse and I looked down and she was holding this band!!! Ahhhh it was the cutest thing ever! Eric said he could it a week after I told him about it (which was like 2 months ago!). He said he has had it in his truck and been dying to give it to me! Happy early birthday to me! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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