Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Scary Unknowns of Birth

There were several things I was nervous about going into labor. Luckily I was induced so that took out some of the unknowns.

+My sister was my other support person because Eric doesn't do well in hospital settings. She lives 3 hours away so I wasn't sure how long I could stay home and labor while she traveled over to our side of the state. Luckily I was able to call her and say start driving over, we're having a baby tomorrow!

+C-section or natural? My Dr. said that with induction natural delivery will be our first plan and if we need to go for a c-section we will talk about it at that time. But I was sooo scared to have a c-section. I was afraid of the recovery! Natural recovery was pretty bad too. I was sooo sore and swollen down there for a solid week! After two week's I finally feel normal down there and it's looking formal again! They tell you not to look but um how can you not look?

+Would Eric pass out? This has been a long standing joke with our friends and family that know Eric doesn't do well in medical or hospital type situations. I am happy to say he was conscious the entire time! He did get a bit anxious at times but he would just take a walk and he was fine!

+Would I loose my baby weight or look 6 months pregnant? I think I only looked 3-4 months pregnant the next day. The nurse came in every half hour after I gave birth and would push down on my stomach and I wanted to punch her every time she did it but I think it helped my uterus contract back down. I am no where near back to my pre-baby weight but I'm happier than I thought I would be!

+Who will she look like? Will she have hair? Eric and I were identical babies so it's hard to say who she looks more like. She has a lot of hair, its more blonde in front and darker in the back.

+Will it hurt? Pushing a watermelon out of something the size of an orange sounds painful. I didn't really feel any of it. The epidural numbed me so much that I didn't feel anything but pressure. I could feel when they pulled her out but I didn't feel when I was tearing or when they were stitching me up thank god!

+Will I poop on the table? Nope...or if I did they lied and told me I didn't!

+Would I be able to breastfeed? Would it hurt? Would she latch? Would I have enough milk to feed her? Thankfully she latched and was interesting in eating. I thank god everyday for that! I would never criticize anyone who is giving their child formula because breastfeeding is hard! It's a huge commitment! It hurts in the AM when I need to pump. They are rock hard when I need to pump and they leak!!

+How would life be once we got home? How would Eric and I's relationship be once we were parents? Life at home is wonderful. Eric is amazing with her! He isn't afraid of anything and he jumps in to help me feed her, change her, rock her and just love her! It's seriously the most adorable thing I've ever seen! And seeing the man you love love your daughter is one of the sexiest things ever! I know that sounds weird but it's a big turn on! I understand how people have a hard time waiting the whole 6 weeks! However I don't know how people turn around and do this all over again so soon! Birth control people!

Hope some of these help ease the fears some of you may have as well!

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