Thursday, June 16, 2016

Baby Shower

This weekend we had our first baby shower with my side of the family. It turned out amazing! I am so happy that my sister was able to capture all of the amazing d├ęcor and memories in these pictures! :)


This is the same place I had my wedding shower 4 years ago! I am luck enough to have such amazing girlfriends in my life to support be then and now. Here are two of the girls and I then and now!
This is my bridal party then and now
(One couldn't make it to the bridal shower but she made it to the baby shower!)

These are my three very best girlfriends from High School who are like sisters to me.
This week we are 32 weeks and 6 days along. She is going to be here before we know it!

Also here is an update on her nursery


  1. How sweet-like a Pinterest dream come true! I love the quilts too. They're such a useful AND meaningful gift. Glad your day went so perfectly, Julie!

  2. What a sweet time! Everything looks so well planned and thought out. Y'all are so lucky! I love all the cute decorations!