Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1st Baby Shower and 1st Birthday!

This weekend was amazing! We had our first baby shower on Saturday! It was so nice and elegant I cant wait to post more pictures. My sister has them on her camera so I have to wait till she uploads them but I was more eager so I snapped a few shots of her camera screen!

We had amazing food, good company and we got a boat ton of stuff!! I had a blast organizing everything and finding a new little spot for it. Next weekend is we are having a couples shower for Eric's side of the family and I can't wait!!
Saturday night we took this picture of myself and 3 of my best friends from High School. This was the last time I will see them before I have the baby so it was a bit of a surreal moment!
Sunday we went to my nieces first birthday party. It was nice to hang out with family and relax on such a beautiful day. The day before was 90 degrees and hot! We were able to enjoy the weather and the kids played a little baseball.

 Last week I made these cute little tags to put on little gift bags for the nurses who help us deliver at the hospital. I was going to put little candy or granola bars in them with maybe a hand sanitizer or something. We still have a few months till then but I would rather prepare them now so I don't have to think about them then!
Hope you have a great week!

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