Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday

Wow I haven't done one of these in a while but I have a few that I can't hold back!
1.) Thursday nights Eric try's to watch a local hunting show if he's not busy while I'm watching Grey's Anatomy (he can't stomach the hospital surprise there). Last night on the show a daughter and her Dad were mushroom hunting and Eric was so excited he was screaming for me to come and look at the show. He was like 'see we can go mushroom hunting together and it says it keeps her out of trouble!' Seriously one of the cutest moments ever!
2.) I bought a Snoogle pillow and I'm still not sure if its helping me or hindering me from sleep. Moose however loves it and cant get close enough to me! He's seriously like a huge boulder in our bed making it impossible to get the covers out from under him. But look how cute he looks.
3.)Yesterday I decided to make cute little closet dividers for our little ones room. I printed them on sticker paper and decided to laminate them instead of buying the plastic holders. I'm cheap like that!
4.) I think our baby girl is finally on a schedule. She wakes up at 6-630 with me and kicks for a little while. She starts up again at 830, 945, 11 and then again at 130-2. Then she doesn't really kick again until dinner around 6. She kicks a bit between then and bed but she never wakes me up with movement, not yet anyways. Keeping my fingers crossed that she keeps this pattern! :)
5.) 29 weeks today and I totally forgot to take my 28 week picture...oops. We had way too much stuff going on this week so I guess our pictures from the weekend can be my 28 week picture.
Also we found this gem of my husband as a kid and I just love it sooooo much.
Have a good weekend! :)

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