Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nursery Ideas

Our crib is ORDERED!!!! :) I can't believe that it will be here in less than two weeks! We got the Fisher-Price Lakeland 4 in 1 Convertible Crib. We also purchased the side rail that will convert it into a toddler bed later when she starts to crawl out! Safety first!!
Next we plan to purchase the Fisher-Price Lakeland 6-Drawer Dresser to match!  
This weekend we registered at Babies R Us and Target which was super fun! I felt very knowledgeable about most of the items. Having 6 nieces and nephews helped me to understand what I will use and what I won't. It's also helped me to understand the use of each of these crazy products!
Since finding out we're having a girl a million things have gone through my head and the nursery is one I can't decide on. I want it to have lots of color and stimulating things but I would also love a simple sleek looking room. I'm torn between the two. Here are a few nursery's I love!
Love this bathrooms color scheme for the nursery as well.
Or I can go the sleek girly route,
So many ideas, how can I choose just one!


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