Thursday, March 24, 2016


I'm linking up with Jess for some confessions this week!
I confess
…We found out the gender of our baby on Tuesday and I’ve been dying to share it with the world ever since! We are having a gender reveal party this weekend for our family so I have to hold off a little bit longer! We are so excited!!!! I’m terrible at keeping secrets especially exciting ones like this!
…I was shocked when watching the People v. OJ this week that it all of a sudden ended on me. I re-watched the end like 4 times and didn't see anything indicating that it was coming to an end like coming up next week or anything. I can’t believe they treated the jury like that! And that so many of them lied on the questionnaire!!
….Last night I ate more than half a bag…a big bag…of sour patch kids….oops.
….I love that we get Good Friday off at work. Tomorrow I have to make the cupcakes for the party, take Moose to the vet, get my hair cut, get my nails done if there’s time and figure out what I’m going to wear on Saturday.
…I’ve been watching a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to make the best buttercream frosting as well as how to pipe it onto a cupcake. The people make it look sooo easy! One did suggest practicing piping on a piece of wax paper first to. This way you don’t waste any cupcakes or frosting because you can scoop it up and put it back in the bag!
…I’m excited to watch the new show The Catch on ABC. Of course I’ll be watching it tomorrow because I can’t stay up that late! Although I’m nervous because the reason I’m excited to watch is the guy from Parenthood is on it. However I don’t think he will be anything like his character from that show on this one!
….My antenna on my car broke off so I’ve been without radio all week…..try not listening to the radio for a day let alone a week!!! I’m trying to use CD’s in my car but they are all old and skip which is super irritating! I can plug my phone in I know but I hate using my phone to flip through music while I drive.

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