Thursday, March 10, 2016


This week I have been gathering ideas for our gender reveal party that we are going to have with our family. I’ve been making little signs and cards for everything. I can’t wait to find out what we’re having.
I feel that I have had a growth spurt in the last week or two. This is getting crazy and I’m only half way through. My mom and sister carried on the larger side so I'm sure I will too. 18 weeks! :)

I watch The People v. OJ Simpson Trial on Wednesday instead of Tuesday because I can’t stay up till 10PM to watch it. I felt soooo bad for Marcia Clark this week. She felt so confident in her new haircut then people didn't like it. THEN her first husband sold a nude photo of her to the tabloids and I can just imagine how embarrassed she must have felt. She couldn't catch a break last night!
Tuesday night I had ice cream for dinner. What’s the point of eating dinner then eating a big ice cream cone…at least I’m cutting calories! The baby definitely enjoyed it!
I am officially in maternity pants only. Yesterday I tried to wear a pair of work pants that have an elastic waist but weren’t maternity…man do I regret doing that!
I can’t wait for the 60’s and almost 70’s next week! It’s crazy to already be in the 60’s let alone 70’s in Michigan in March but I cannot wait! I want to wear cute sandals and maxi dresses and not have to worry about a jacket!
I’m hoping I’ll have pictures to share next week of our ½ bath remodel. We just bought a new toilet and sink for it and I am super excited to see what they look like installed! This is where we’re at with it today vs before.
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  1. If it were up to me, all pants would be made maternity style ;) enjoy those pants girl! Its frowned upon to still wear them when you're 18 months post partum and not pregnant-haha!

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