Thursday, March 3, 2016


Today’s confession is something I have been wanting to share with all of you for quite some time now.
I’m excited to announce that my husband and I are expanding our family. We have a little one due in August and we could not be more excited!
-We are 17 weeks along.
-I haven’t been sick at all, sometimes a little nauseous or dizzy. CRAMPS AND STRETCHING ALL THE TIME!
-My skin has been itchy even though I put lotion on all the time! Also my face is breaking out like I’m 13 again!
-I have yet to gain any weight, however my husband will tell you it looks like I’ve swallowed a small beach ball. I’ve been eating better than I ever have before so I think that's helping to keep my weight down.
-I can still eat everything I did before. I haven’t had any weird reactions to any time of food yet.
-With my heightened sence of smell, Lysol wipes are the only thing I can’t stand.
-I have been in maternity clothes since I was 10 weeks along. I’ve also found that wireless bras are my new favorite things!
- We will be finding out the gender. My husband doesn't do well with hospitals so I need to know as much info ahead of time because we don’t know what’s going to happen come go time! (Any advice on squirm-ish husbands would be appreciated!)
-I don’t worry about the small stuff as much anymore. I have had a very calm pregnancy thus far.
- I think I've felt the baby move but it’s still too early to confirm if that's what it was or not. But if it was we were watching the Big Bang Theory when Bernadette tells everyone she’s pregnant! J Maybe it was a sign!
-Pregnancy brain is a thing, I just never thought I would get it this early on in the game. Sometimes I find myself putting the OJ back in the cabinet instead of the fridge. Or going into a cabinet then forgetting what I was needing to get out. It’s crazy!
-Sleeping has been ok. I’m seriously thinking of getting one of those body pillow things. We have a king bed and our 60lb lab sleeps with us so I’m a little nervous it’ll take up too much room, but if it gets this Momma a good night’s sleep, bring it on!
-I have had some great women in my life to influence me on what type of Mom I want to be. I feel prepared, scared, excited, nervous and anxious to meet our little one!
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  1. Awe congrats on being pregnant. Love your boat shoes announcement. I can't wait to find out the gender and see how your pregnancy progresses!

  2. Aww Thank You! That is so sweet! We are very excited to finally share the news!

  3. Aw, I just saw this from the link up - congratulations to you! What an exciting time in your life! Those tiny little baby boat shoes are the cutest! Although, most things tiny are cute. I hope you're feeling well and able to enjoy your pregnancy!