Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Good Morning!!!! I have been recuperating from my weekend in Vegas for my girlfriends bachelorette party! We had an amazing time but I am exhausted! As I feel Vegas is pretty self explanatory, I am going to just post the pictures from our amazing time there!
My version of Vegas nails! I loved them and I got tons of compliments!

Vegas's really a to go cup with wine!

Dinner and drinks at The Cosmopolitan. This is one of their bars called the Chandelier.


The Bride To Be!!! Friends for 14 years yall!

Mrs. Coupon and Save actually gambling!!

BIG BANG THEORY MACHINE!!!! It fits right in near the "Penny" slots!

My dinner at the buffet, sadly my feet hurt so bad that if I wanted to go up for another plate I couldn't. But what I had was delicious!!!

The dessert area was amazing! I could have eaten it all!

The gorgeous lights of Paris at night!

HEAVEN! They had a sugar factory where you could just pick random candies and put them in a bag! MY FAV!

Oh yea I hung out with Johnny Depp, no big deal!

Our whole group in front of the Welcome to Vegas sign! Our sweatshirts say Save Water Drink Champagne!


The Julie's

Party BUS!

We had to stop and get Slurpee's!!!

We didn't get a chance to see the New York Hotel but it looked awesome from the Party Bus

I found the Sex and The City machine! It's my fav and I try to find it at every casino!

Gorgeous light sculpture at the Bellagio

We had breakfast/brunch at the Hexx in Paris one morning....hands down these go in my top 3 pancakes I've ever had! (Cracker Barrel and the Pancake Pantry in Nashville are my other two)

The lobby at Caesar's Palace where they filmed The Hangover...."Did Caesar really live here? I didn't think so"

I've always seen these cupcakes from a vending machine and I've always wanted to try them. Luckily there was a store next to the vending machine so we were able to get fresh cupcakes! I got red velvet and it was amazing!

We're all goddess'!

Learning to play Roulette. I won a few times then we went on to play Black Jack which I loved!

We found a little piece of home in Vegas...THE D!

We had dinner at a place off Freemont Street called Nacho Daddy. It was delicious!!! I had a chicken quesadilla and I could eat that everyday!

I am so excited that I got to experience Vegas with my best friends, but I'll wait a while before I go back again. We stayed just off the strip so we were able to walk from our hotel which was great. We did a lot of walking and my cave's are tired! I recommend only going for 2 nights and 3 days, we went 3 nights and 4 days and it was a bit much. Thankfully having 16 girls wasn't as bad as I thought. We all got along and I actually got to know some of them better! I can't wait for my friends shower and wedding to see all the girls again!


  1. SO fun! I've never been! Lovin' these pictures!

    1. Yes it was amazing! I suggest making a trip out there. It's a whole different world there!

  2. Your nails are so much fun!!!! And what a great trip! Las Vegas is one place I haven't been too, not that I have been many other places, but my hubby and I have talked about flying to Vegas sometime since it's such a cheap ticket.

    1. My husband has never been either so I told him we should take an anniversary trip there so he can see all the craziness too! You should definitely make a trip out there! It's amazing!

  3. Ahhhhh! How fun! I've never been to Vegas...yet, but it looks like you had a blast! Plus, getting away from this cold Michigan weather is always a bonus. Hope you're ready for this storm that is supposed to be heading our way!