Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016

Terribly sorry for the long long long hiatus. I only took a few pictures over the holiday season which is a huge fail on my part. However I did enjoy every minute with our families and friends. We loved everything we got from others and we think everyone loved our gifts to them as well. We brought in the New Year with friends watching MSU football team loose to Alabama.  Not the greatest night but we still enjoyed the company we were with. 2015 was an amazing year. We made our maiden voyage on the new boat. We were able to host more people comfortably at one time. We had dinners on the beach, which I think we will continue this year. We finished a few projects on the house. Of course there are still more to come! We celebrated our 3rd year of marriage, we turned 28 and we became members of the Moose club.
My hope for 2016 is that with everything we do, we do it with a smile instead of stress. I hope that with every new adventure comes an amazing memory and possibly new traditions. I'm not going to put goals out there for them not to be met or not to be crossed off. I am going to take 2016 by the horns and enjoy every minute of what is thrown our way! :)
Now in other news I have Vegas on the mind! My best is getting married in April and we are going on a little girls weekend trip to VEGAS! I've never been so I'm a bit nervous but I'm terribly excited! I have stacked my playlist full of songs for the 4 hour plane ride. My sister gave me a new book to read which is also packed. My sister-in-law gave me one of those adult coloring books, I thought I would take that just incase I get really antsy. But when we step off that plane....
party animated GIF
Also we are in the middle of redoing our half bath. It's also our laundry room and our washer recently died....Eric's never done the laundry, I'm gone for 3 days and he decides its time to start....now I have a broken washer. Anyways $1500 later we have a pretty new matching set being delivered next week.
We are taking off the walls because they are this gross fiberglass that we just painted over and putting dry wall in. We are going to add a shower where that window is (it lead into our garage so we are going to have the shower poke out into the garage a bit). But adding another shower in our house is going to be amazing when we have guest! Also we are tiling the floor instead of the vinyl I made Eric put down this summer. We will add nice cabinets and a counter top above the washer and dryer. I can't wait! :)

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