Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend in Review

Good Morning! I hope everyone is well rested and in a great mood this morning! hahah yea right because all of us are on Monday morning! I had an awesome weekend and I hope you did too!
Friday. I read a blog post from Carolina Charm about a post she read about 200 Things to Throw Away and I loved it! I couldn't believe all the things I've been holding onto and for what? So Friday as I was packing for the weekend I was inspired to take out all of the nasty hangers from dry cleaners or stores I've bought clothes from and they give you the hanger. I think it looks better and I know these hangers wont snag my clothes. Luckily had enough hangers that I didn't have to go out and buy more. Now I want to go through every closets and organize and purge things I don't need!
After packing Moose and I picked Eric up from work and off we went to Detroit! My amazing Dad got us 4 tickets to the Red Wings hockey game, a parking pass and a ticket into the Olympia Room which is a bar under the ice! We dropped Moose off at our friends house so he could play with their dog while we were gone and off we went to the D! I'm from the Detroit area so I'm always happy to make the three hour drive over there! We parked the car in a lot that was literally across the street from the Joe and up the large stairs we went! I used to go to Red Wings games all the time with my Dad. Back in the 90's they were amazing! We grabbed some food and some beers and headed to our seats. The seats were amazing, we were right behind the visitors bench. I was shocked how fast the game flew by! Theres three 20 minute periods and two 20 minute intermissions but it felt like we were in and out! We had a ton of fun and I'm glad that Eric got to experience his first Red Wings game with me and the Gildea's!
Saturday. We headed to Lansing for Opening Day weekend! Usually Eric's step mom Amanda and his two little sisters and I go on a huge shopping binge for Christmas but the girls had other commitments so Amanda and I just went. We were more leisurely shopping than serious shopping like we half in years past. I got new boots, some new jewelry, wine bottle costumes for our ugly Christmas party and a gift for Amanda. We had a ton of fun and we didn't over do it. Usually I'm tired afterwards and have to sleep for 3 days!
Amanda was hosting a jewelry party that night so we were saving our energy for that. It was fun. I ended up buying a bracelet and booking a party. The boys were outside roasting chestnuts over and open fire.
Sunday. We had a lazy day. We ended up having a little Thanksgiving at Eric's Dad's house because they won't be available on Thanksgiving. Second weekend in a row I've had Thanksgiving meal and I don't hate it! Now I definitely feel better about starting to bring up my Christmas stuff because I have 2 Thanksgivings done and 1 more to go! Eric snatched Baby Kenley from me for a minute so I had to snap a picture! What a cutie....Kenley not Eric....gosh I hate that bright orange hat but he loves it!!
When we got home Eric snuggled with Moose a bit while I purged more things from the list. I threw out old makeup, beauty and hair products I've bought but never used, old fabric and I think i'll make into something, Eric made a fire and I had him throw in a bunch of old magazines. I was a purging fool on Sunday. Eric managed to take out a few things to save but the majority of it went into the recycling and trash cans!
I also got Moose a little treat! I have seen dog sweaters and costumes but I never buy them. This one I couldn't pass up! He doesn't totally hate it, I just think he looks so darn cute in it!
Well loves I hope you had a great weekend and I hope this week is even better!


  1. Yay for cleaning out your closet!! I always feel so refreshed after I do that and go through everything haha

    1. It feels amazing to get rid of stuff you never use and make room for new stuff! :)