Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I'm Thankful For....

My Husband- I am extremely lucky that I was able to find someone that loves me exactly the way I am. I am thankful that he appreciates and encourages me every day.

My Family and friends – I am thankful that I have family and friends who love and support me. In such a big scary world it’s nice to have people you can count on for small talk, a laugh, a hug or just knowing they are there for you.

My Health- I think this one is the top thing most of us take for granted. Although I’m not in the best shape I am still thankful that I am in good health and so are those around me.

My Job – I am thankful that I have a job that I can go to and smile. I'm lucky that I actually enjoy what I do. I am thankful that my boss is kind and understanding. I am thankful that Eric has a great job as well. I have had my far share of horrible bosses but I’m glad that I finally found a job where I feel like everything fits just right!

Our Home- I am thankful that we were able to make this little house a home! We will always have our eye on the market to see what becomes available and we are always looking for opportunities but I will have a hard time if we ever had to leave our little home. I have grown to love and appreciate it because we have put a lot of time, sweat, tears and money into it and I love every little thing about it.

Laughter- I am thankful that I can say I laugh every single day. I think that laughter is something people don’t recognized as being a healthy part of life. If I went one day without smiling or laughing, it would be the saddest day of my life. Laughing is a form of producing endorphins, “endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't kill their husbands” ( Can you guess the movie from that line?  -LB Every time I say the word endorphins that's what comes to mind!)

NestlĂ© Toll House Cookie Recipe – I am thankful for one of the best cookie recipes there is. My mom used to make these cookies all the time when I was a kid. I never thought much of it then but now it makes the cookies taste like home. I only make them once every few months or so. I truly enjoy the memories, the taste and the comfort they bring!

I hope that you all enjoy your holiday with your families and are thankful for them!

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  1. This is such a great post and it is so awesome that you enjoy your job! Happy Thanksgiving!