Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Food For Thought

Someone once told me that women's minds are like spaghetti and men's minds are like waffles. Women are constantly thinking about a million things. We stir the pasta, the sauce and the meatballs all together and our minds are constantly going.
Men are like waffles because they think mainly about whatever they are doing then they move onto the next thing. The fill one square up with syrup then they move onto the next square and so on.
Whenever I'm playing Candy Crush and I have one more candy to crush Rosie O'Donnell from A League of Their Own pops into my head yelling "ONE MORE!"
Yes I know this isn't the right part but they don't have a GIF for that part of the movie!
Last night was the season finale of Below Deck season 3. I can't get enough of Eddie, Captain Lee, Ben, Kate, Connie and Amy. Rocky and Emile I'm over. This season has been so crazy!  I hope they keep most of the cast again next season!
The movies I'm dying to see are Sisters, The Night Before, Love the Coopers and Intern.

Last night I started decorating for Christmas. I put up and decorated one of my 4 trees I'll be putting up this year! I got them all on clearance over the last few years and they are the little 5 ft trees. I'm putting one in all of our bedrooms and I'm excited. Since we are going to be hosting a party this year I'm going to be going a little over the top with my d├ęcor!

Hope you have an awesome hump day!
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  1. I love the spaghetti and waffle reference! It's so cute. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Hi Julie! Found your blog on the link-up.Your analogies concerning the way men/women think is spot on! I'm literally always thinking about 800 things at once, and my husband is always like "calm, down" haha. Great post!

  3. Spaghetti and waffles! Crazypants. I love it. I am totally a spaghetti thinker! 4 trees! That's crazy and awesome! I am trying not to go too Christmas obsessed yet... but it's difficult! :) I really want to see Love the Coopers though! :) XO -Alexandra

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