Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was very low key, mostly because I’m still getting over the cough, cold, sinus whatever I had. Thursday I went back to the Dr and they gave me a zpack and cough syrup and prescribed plenty of rest so I took Friday off from work as well. I still answered emails and was doing work stuff but it’s so much better to do from my couch!  I finished the series of Gossip Girl. I must say I was disappointed that the 6th season was only 10 episodes long. I was expecting it to be 20+ like the rest then all of a sudden….dramatic ending….and done! I’m glad it’s done because that was too long of a series to binge! It was good though I have to admit!

Thursday Eric made an apple pie with a granola crust. Friday I went to the S.O.S to get my tabs renewed and when I got back the tin foil was on the ground. Moose had eaten almost all the granola and a few apples. He seemed to be fine, no barf and I didn't see any runs when we left him out. Eric was mad because he only had two pieces and I hadn’t even had one yet! You can see the damage he did based on the before pic and the after. You can see the crust line of where Eric had cut his two pieces out. Oops!
Friday the guy who farms our field cut the beans. I thought there was an earthquake because I couldn’t figure out what the loud noise was that was rattling our house!
Saturday Eric worked on the plumbing in the basement. He hates plumbing work because he doesn't think he’s good at it but so far nothing has leaked so I’m happy! (knock on wood!) We had a cozy fire going all day.
We had friends over at night to watch the MSU vs UofM football game. Eric and Adam went crazy when they ran the last play of the game! I’m excited that they won but I can’t believe people are sending death threats and hateful things to the UofM kicker. True fans support their team through the good and the bad!

Sunday I got a head start on my Christmas shopping! I crossed 3 people off my list which I'm excited about! I hate shopping only around the holidays when its madness in the malls. I like to spread out the joy of the holiday and shop on my own terms! 6 people down 12 more to go! ahahah

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  1. Uhm, YES! As a fellow Spartan, I could absolutely not believe the ending of the game - unreal, and I am NOT complaining :) :)