Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

28 was one of my best birthdays yet! I was greated with lots of texts, phone calls, fb messages and visitors!
Thursday. We had dinner at my in-law's house. We had great food and conversation as always! We actually went through some of Eric's baby pictures and brought them home. I want to make a book of mine and one of his someday.
Friday. Eric and I went to dinner in town with friends. We had a gift card so we decided to use it. My parents were making their way over to our side of the state so we had some time to kill. Unfortunately they hit a deer when they were about 10 minutes from our house but they were both ok. Once they did arrive we had a few drinks and some conversation.
Saturday. We got donuts from the local bakery....yummy!! The boys went golfing while my mom and I hit the stores and we hit them hard! first we went to Kohl's and killed it! I just got a few basics but my mom got a lot of new clothes which she needed! The guy at the register gave us $10 off coupons, we had a 20% off and on top of that we got a ton of Kohl's cash! We had to take our bags back to the car because since that was our first stop we didn't want to lug all those bags around the mall! We hit a few more stores, had lunch then headed to Marshall's where we again...killed it! I'll try to take pictures tonight of all the stuff I got and post it tomorrow. We came home and hung out with Moose for a little while before we headed out for dinner. We had a few friends meeting us at a local restaurant. We reserved the back area by the pool tables per my husbands request but I didn't know exactly how it would work but it worked perfectly! We had great good, awesome company, great drinks and an amazing time! I could not be any luckier to have these people in my lives!
Sunday. The boys have a bunch of golfing vouchers that expire this year so they went golfing again. My mom and I decided to burn that Kohl's cash and hit a few more stores. Again we killed it! We got a few things for my sister and a few more things for ourselves! My thinking is that for the next 3 month's I'll be buying things for other people so right now I need to buy a lot of stuff for myself so I can splurge on others later! :) My parents left, we started a fire and had a lazy day. I caught up on my binge-athon of Gossip Girl and did laundry, Eric watched football, napped and watched football. I love those lazy Sundays when you can just relax and enjoy time together!
Anyways, I had an amazing weekend! I'll try to post a few pictures of the gifts I got because they are amazing!

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  1. happy birthday!! i am so glad it was wonderful!!