Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

Good Monday Morning Everyone! My weekend can be summed up in one world, PAINTING! I painted our full bath this weekend and it took FOREVER! I never realized how much cutting in was needed and it was a lot!

Friday. I had a girlfriend over to watch Pitch Perfect 2! It was just as funny the second time around as it was the first. Yes there are a few parts that are annoying…the ending when they are singing the song about a flashlight and they said flashlight like 48 times in a row!!!....(possible drinking game opportunity there) but I love the Bella’s so it was worth it! We popped some popcorn and burned the hell out of the first bag. I usually cook popcorn for 2 minutes and 48 seconds the top of the bag was fine but the bottom was 2 seconds away from catching on fire. Jen suggested to hit the popcorn button and it was 1 minute and 20 seconds! Ahahah I have been doubling my popcorn cook time all this time…..none of my other bags ever burned so maybe my microwave is more powerful then others! Yikes!
Saturday. I got up early and ran to Holland. I returned some stuff and I got some stuff. I got new fall garland for my entertainment center, shoes to paint for my niece for their Disney trip (I’ll post those when I’m done with them), a new top and the cutest new fall plaid shoes! J
I found some old fall candles I had stashed away so I started burning them all around the house (the two on the mantle near the wreaths are fake candles, no fire hazard there!)  
Eric and our friend Adam worked on our basement all day. We have to put a drain tile in because apparently the previous owners who built the house in 1961 never did that. So our basement, when it rains, has a little river through it. They cut out a huge chunk of the floor along the wall and Eric bought a 2nd sump pump to start draining the water out faster. It’s actually working so maybe there is still hope for our finished basement….hahahah im not holding my  breath on that one though. This was all while I was putting the first coat on our bathroom. It was a light green color but I never really loved it. I picked it because it semi matched one of the tiles in our shower. I bought a sample color and it was too light, I wanted something that popped more. The darker gray is the color we picked....Benjamin Moore AD-705 Cinder.
We took Adam and Christine out to dinner that night as a thank you for Adam’s help with the basement. We got some pizza and bowled a few games. Bowling is one of the last great activities that isn't being taken over by technology or made super high tech, its the same as it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago!
Sunday. We slept in, made biscuits and gravy and started on house work. Eric messed with the basement some more, I did laundry, cleaned the floors, painted the bathroom again and cleaned up my mess from painting.
Above: The bathroom when we bought the house.
Below: The bathroom now :) I bought the paint to match the curtain and now I want to change the curtain.

I had to run to Meijer to get a few things which makes my 3rd trip this week! I ended up getting some super comfy sweater/hoodie things. I went through my hoodies/sweaters the other day and they were all fitted and I want something that is more baggy and comfy. They look like backwards hoodies, like the hood is in the front. It was buy one get one half off so I got two. J We had steak, potato's, green beans and bread for dinner and it was delicious. I’m not a big steak person but Eric does amazing things with the spices and sauces that he makes for the marinades. We finished the night off with some chocolate cookie baking and the Emmy’s.

Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats on all your painting! I love your fall decor, it's so pretty. And I still need to see Pitch Perfect 2!!

    1. I feel like paint is the cheapest way to flip any room! It's a completely different vibe now, before it was dull and now its sophisticated!

  2. Your fall decor looks fantastic-so cozy and cute:) I haven't watched Pitch Perfect 2 yet because I was worried it wouldn't be as funny. I can't wait to rent it now! Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!

  3. I started burning fall candles last week and it was so exciting to bring them out again! hahha i love thier scents!

  4. gosh those cookies look amazing!! and paint colors, ahhh, such a commitment! i've been browsing them so much lately! looks like you've found a keeper! love your fall decor, too, ps. the flameless candles... so perfect!