Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap : Kenley's Baptism

Good Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We spent the weekend at our friends house. They bought new doors and drawers for their kitchen and Eric is helping them paint and install them. He painted the doors and drawers a few weeks ago now he had to paint the base.
Friday we got there around 8 and Eric started right away. I picked up some movies for Chels and I to watch while the boys worked…it's a smaller kitchen so if we even tried to help it would have been crowded. So we watched Unfinished Business with Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco. It was really funny and extremely inappropriate at times but all in all a good movie. Probably not one I’ll rent again.
Saturday we were able to sleep in for a little while. We had breakfast and the boys started working again. Chels and I took the dogs for a walk around their subdivision. It was actually really nice and I’m shocked that Moose did so well! Usually Moose and their dog Buck are always playing and rough housing but they actually didn't play at all. They were on a mission to walk! After our little walk Chels and I ventured out to the nearest Home Goods and got a few things! Two white pumpkins for the table, a new pizza pan without holes (so hard to find), Halloween cookie cutters, round scalloped cookie cutters, a new dog food container for Moose!
We picked up Panera on the way home for us and the boys. It was delicious!!! Chels and I watched Age of Adaline after lunch. it was a nice movie, I think Blake Lively did an awesome job! It's a great rainy day movie.  Eric and I headed out to go to our Niece’s baptism that night while our hosts babysat Moose. Kenley was adorable and it was a wonderful ceremony. Eric actually held her for most of the time! We went to a really good BBQ restaurant afterwards and Stacy LOVED the quilt my Aunt and I made Kenley! J
We also got a lot of comments of how natural Eric looked holding a baby, and when are you going to have kids? 1.) We have 7 nieces and nephews, of course we are natural’s with babies by now! 2.) I’m always shocked when people ask that question because I feel like it's a personal one. If you answer with the normal, someday, they are just like oh how wonderful. If you answer with we aren’t having kids, they look confused and offended. If you answer with we’re trying, that is like uber personal and AWKWARD because you just told someone you’re doing it a lot to have kids. I don't know why but I feel like it's a weird personal question to ask or to make suggestions toward….sorry if that took a weird turn but I don't like people trying to pressure or suggest for others to have kids! When we got home from dinner we watched the end of the Michigan State Spartan football game vs Oregon Ducks. It was awesome that we won but I totally fell asleep mid game! I’m excited that we won though! J

Sunday Eric got up at 6 to put a few more coats of paint on the cabinet’s. They had to run a few errands while it was drying. Chels and I slummed it on the couch again and watched a few shows. We watched The Carbonaro Effect which was awesome! My brother in law’s mom was telling me about it the night before and I thought we’ll maybe catch it on TV sometime. It was running a mini marathon on Sunday so we watched a few. It’s a hidden camera magic show. --These people don’t know they are being filmed or that he is a magician. They are at ordinary places and he performs magic. One was at a hardware store, one was at an antique store, one was at a holistic food store and every time he would explain the crazy magic he just performed the people would be like oh yea that's a how it happened. At the hardware store a woman was looking for a 12ft long extension cord but she could only find two 6ft cords. He magically hooked the two together and made one 12ft cord. He was trying to explain to her that they are inner changeable but it was hilarious looking at her face trying to figure out how he just did that right in front of her! ---After the boys finished a few more projects we headed home. It was nice to be home after being gone all weekend. I did a few chores around the house. I’m planning to repaint our bathroom and put up some new accessories so when I do I’ll post some pictures.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Great pictures! I still need to see Age of Adeline!! I love Blake Lively!