Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fantasy Football and With Some Burger On The Side.

Hello September! I have missed you my friend!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! Mine was pretty good. Eric picked up our ¼ cow from the processor over the weekend and I was eager to try some of our new cuts. Every year we try to get new cuts to try new thing. We’ve bought a ¼ cow for the past 3 years now and I’ve never had any input on what we get or how much of it we get. Last year I was irritated that 1lb of burger would not make me 4 good burger patties. On a good day you would get 3 decent patties, on a bad day you would get 3 sliders. I could never get the portioning right and whenever I put them on the grill they would shrivel up to nothing. This year Eric suggested we get the patties pre made………..my jaw dropped……I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS AN OPTION! Of course I want to get pre made patties! I used to beg Eric to get pre made patties at the store but he would always say “Why would we buy burger when we have a ¼ cow at home?”….my answer would be “ because that burger doesn't make good burgers!” Any who..I tried out our new patties last night and the package said 3x1…so we we’re thinking there are 3 patties in 1 packages…which I think it STUPID because everyone makes 4 patties at a time. Two to eat now and 2 for lunch tomorrow, or if you’re having people over you usually cook in even numbers. I was pleasantly surprised when I put the patties on the grill that the package indeed had 4 patties inside! Eric also had me slow grill a brisket alongside the burgers. I’m not sure how it all works yet. He said it has to marinate for 24 hours, cook for 4 then cool for 24 then you eat it…………why is that so complex? So I put it on the grill at 6 so it would have to stay on till 10 but we were up doing out Fantasy Football draft anyways so it worked out well.
Which brings me to the other part of the night! After cleaning the house Eric and I started a Fantasy Football League with some of our friends.  I don’t know any players in the league except for the quarterbacks and a few people who used to be MSU players. I had absolutely no strategy going into this league. I had picked a few people last week but my brother in law was not that confident in my team so I tossed that roster out. I went based off of their team, then their name, then their picture. Most of my players are smiling in their pictures so if anything I have a happy team! I guess if your players do good things on the field they get points. I don’t plan on watching all the games that my players are in because that would take forever! If anyone else is in a league I wish you and your team luck!
I'm not sure if your allowed to share whose on your team but oh well...haha...heres my team! :)


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  1. LOL I love that you have a happy team! That would be important to me too! My husband and I have talked about getting 1/4 or 1/2 a cow someday. We don't have the room to store all that meat right now but down the road I think it would be perfect!