Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was jammed backed full of my favorite people!

Friday. My mom, my sister and her family all came to visit us! Friday night the boys went fishing (shocking!) while my mom, sis and I took the kids to the beach for a photo shoot. It was overcast but it wasn't cold and it wasn't hot and there was no wind. It was the perfect night for a beach stroll! Of course we had to get an ice cream!
Saturday. It was pretty rainy so we decided to go to a kids hands on museum! We got in just in the nick of time. There was a 30 minute wait time after we got in. The kids had a blast! They painted a house and built a few fort/statue like things.
Noah is obsessed with fire tucks so he was so excited to see a kid sized fire truck he could play in. He also found a hammock in the kid size boat.
They  had a TV station set up, but the kids weren’t impressed until they saw themselves on TV! You can see how their reactions changed when they saw the TV.
We had lunch at Jimmy John’s then headed home for nap time. The boys were picking up our ¼ cow from the processor and stocked the freezer full of fresh cuts! We had chicken and steak tacos for dinner and it was a huge hit! We played around for a while. Katie tried on some of my old shoes. She’s a girl after my own heart!

Bedtime came and the adults played some cards. My sister and I tried to play one hand of euchre together. I’m not a fan but other Michiganders are obsessed. At least we can say we tried.
Sunday. We got up early and packed everyone up. Eric and I had to get to a birthday party near Lansing. It was great to see my family then Eric’s family all packed into one weekend! Eric’s sister found an old bib of Eric’s so of course we had to make him put it on!
Kayden opened his presents and we ate the delicious cake Stacy made.
Also I was able to get my hands on my niece for about a half hour! She’s 3 months old and the most precious thing you’ve ever seen! Sadly I didn’t get a picture with her but in a few weeks I’ll get some pictures because Eric and I were asked to be her god parents so we’ll probably get a few photos at the baptism! I can’t wait!! After the party we went to Eric’s grandparents house to hang some pictures I painted for her play room. Eric’s mom was having a quilt made that had sheep all over it. I painted the sheep from the quilt onto canvas so it would give a little d├ęcor to the room. It was nice to see them and have a piece of Eric’s grandma’s famous pie! She makes like 20 different pie’s and they are all so delicious! We got home around 7:30 and we crashed hard on the couch! We were exhausted.
Monday. Tonight is draft night. I never thought I would be involved with a fantasy football league but this year it’s happening. I’ve picked a few players out by looking at a least and picking a few names but my brother in law informed me that I should rethink a few of my players. I still don't understand how you win Fantasy Football but I’m just going with the flow!

I can’t believe tomorrow is September 1. One month till my birthday! J

Happy Monday


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! I played fantasy football for the first time last year, and it was so confusing at first! You will catch on though. It's so much fun to play. :)

  2. Looks like such a wonderful weekend!!! Chelsea