Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We soaked up every minute of our weekend! Friday. The gang rolled in and we hung out at our house. We played darts, had some girl talk, drank some drinks and watched a little Home Improvement.
Saturday. We went out fishing in the AM. We checked the weather and it didn't mention anything about rain or storms. Around 10Am we saw a crazy storm coming in from the west. It was coming super fast so we started pulling the lines and headed to shore. It sort of blew over us. As it was getting closer the dark gray clouds dissipated. It did rain super hard for like 20-30 minutes. We made some sandwiches, waited for it to stop raining then we went back out on the water. The girls floated around on tubes and the guys hung out on the boat.  We all got sunburned but it was nice to soak up some Vitamin D for a while! My parents rolled into town around 4PM. We all showered up and went to Dimaggios! It’s a dive bar but they make really good pizza. Then as we were sitting down to our table another storm rolled through. It poured for about another hour. We watched people come in to the restaurant soaked! Luckily it stopped raining by the time we left. We came home, had a few drinks, made s’mores over the gas cook top, played some cards and just hung out!
Sunday. The boys played in a golfing tournament while my friend and I took our Mom’s out to breakfast. It was nice to just hang out with our moms and chit chat! Afterwards my mom and I went off to Holland to put a dent in our credit cards! I got a new comforter for our king mattress because I only have queens, a new bathrobe, new hangers, moose got a new lifejacket (it was on clearance at TJ’s) and a new chew toy, a new bag of sugar because apparently you can’t use the same one for 3 years, and a new sweater from Target.  I think we did pretty well!
The boys bid on some prizes and won a some prizes at the golf tournament. We got a free night stay at a bed and breakfast in town, a couple rounds of golf, a few gift cards to some restaurants in town, a painting, a baggo set, and a T-Shirt from a restaurant in town. The boys were on a high when they got home!  After our shopping trip and the boys golf tournament my Aunt and Uncle stopped by on their way back from Wisconsin. We went out to dinner and it was nice to catch up with them. After we went for a boat ride and swim with our friends Adam and Christine. We think the life jacket slows Moose down when he’s swimming but we now know we need to keep the jacket on when the boat is moving. Moose jumped out of the boat when we were about to dock it and we only had his collar to pick him out by. The collar of course slipped off and Eric had to bear claw hug him to get him back in the boat. Then Moose decided to be even more naughty and jump into the muddy area and completely douse himself in mud before getting into the car. That was a treat! Everyone got a bath last night!

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  1. Your weekend looks amazing! Can't beat a weekend on the water!