Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hello and Good Morning! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I’m sorry for not posting much last week, we had a busy busy week and weekend!
Thursday. I got a trim but I love this painting in our town! It’s an elephant painted to look like a zebra! It makes me smile every time I see it!
We also installed vinyl in our half bath! It’s still not 100% where I want it to be but were getting there.
Friday. Eric had to stop by his Mom’s dealership so he decide to test drive a truck I’ve had my eye on! I think I make this look good! Also there are no door handles. You use a remote on the key chain to open the doors!
Later on all of my friends from high school traveled to our little town. We planned this weekend 7 and a half months ago and 9 out of the original 13 invited came! We had a blast! Everyone arrived at different times so we had a bon fire going and drinks flowing!
We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs for a yummy little snack!
Saturday. The boys went golfing while some of the girls went running. Afterwards we packed up some snacks and lunch then we headed to the beach! It was pretty crowded but I don't think anyone was bothered. We had a pretty big area  staked out so we had plenty of room. A few brave souls went into the freezing water of Lake Michigan. The departure is currently 59 degrees in Lake Michigan. You must really have to go to submerge yourself in that cold temp! We stayed for a few hours then headed home to wash off and then head out on the boat. We picked up some amazing pizza and fuchsia bread from The Vineyard. My friends think their pizza/marinara sauce is so good they practically drink it from the cup! We didn't catch anything but fly bites but everyone still had a good time. We listened to some old school music and reminisced about old times. Lots of old Facebook pictures were shown!
We hit up Meijer on the way home for some extra bon fire material, beer, chocolate, pie makers for grilled cheeses and pizzas, marshmallows, COCONUT TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS! Let me just say that I FINALLY remembered to go look for these marshmallows on Saturday at 10PM. Everyone loved them! They said the smore’s tasted like an almond joy! They were delicious! Also my little make turned 4 on Saturday!
Sunday. The boys went out fishing while the girls stay back to sleep in and chit chat. JBuch was an excellent chef! She made our eggs perfectly! The boys caught a few fish that morning!
I was sad to see everyone leave but I’m excited for them all to come back. And it was nice to make some plans for the future. I’m going to help JBuch paint her new apartment and we have a few dates on the books to have a girls trip to Chicago to see her!
After everyone left the day turned out to be a scorcher! Eric wanted to take Moose out for a swim and boat ride. We have done this very few times because we don't have a life jacket to get him in and out of the boat easily and I’m afraid if he sees another person or animal he will be off the boat and after it in a heartbeat!  I love when I worry and then everything turns out to be ok. Moose did great and we had our friends meet us out there with their dog. We found this shallow sandy area in the lake and the dogs loved it because they knew they didn't have to swim the whole time, they could stand and relax. We were able to play out there with them and not worry about them drowning us…yes its almost happened before! But we had an amazing time and plan to do it every Sunday afternoon!

Then after a fun day of swimming and boating we went out for dinner and drinks with Adam and Christine!
Hope you have an amazing week!


  1. This sounds like a fun weekend!! Your bathroom looks SOOOO nice with the upgrades you made.

  2. What a fun weekend! Your bathroom looks great and your dogs adorable! I'm doing a post this week on a recent road trip where we tried to get our mastiff to swim. She has her own life jacket she had to wear too :). Have a great week! P.S Visiting from Biana's link up.

  3. Great post! - Seri from