Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday

1.// Home Free. I love this new show called Home Free. It’s on Wednesday nights at 9PM on Fox. It is a home flipping show that is a competition between 10 couples. They think they are competing to win a home at the very end. At the end of the flip one of the couples is sent home. The twist is that the house they just flipped is their new home! The people don’t know that when they get kicked off they win the home they all just flipped.  I love the idea and it’s amazing to see their reactions when they think they are meeting the deserving family and its really themselves! They do look for people who are deserving of these houses, they make sure the contestants are in need of a new home. Love!! Eric and I liked watching them flip everything so fast!
2.//Shania Twain. Tomorrow I will be sitting on the floor (floor seating not literally on the floor) at the Shania Twain concert! My 13 year old self is going crazy! I can’t wait to see along to all my favorites!
3.//Praying for Louisiana. It saddens me that these crude and selfish people feel they can walk into something as innocent as a movie theater, a mall a church or anywhere and take someone else’s life. I was scared to go to the movies after the first theater shooting in Colorado and now another shooting has taken place in Louisiana. It's a shame that now people will have to wear a bullet proof vest while eating their popcorn in order to feel safe. I understand taking the guns away isn’t the answer but I don't understand how this keeps happening? Why don’t we have stricter laws for getting a gun? Why don't we have more appreciation for one another, rather than such hate?
4.//Boating. We need to boat more during the week even if it’s out for a little stroll. Last night we took my in-laws from out of town out on the boat with their two little ones. I’m excited that we took our first infant out on the boat to show Eric babies and boats do mix well together!

5.//Disney. Eric and I want to quit our jobs and move to Florida and work at Disney. I think that will be our retirement plan! We went there last year but we are anxious to go back!
 Hope you have an amazing weekend!


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  1. So excited to hear how Shania is!!! Sounds awesome!!