Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my desired baby due date. My parents took a trip to Myrtle Beach so I didn’t get to see my Mom on Mother’s Day but I left her a few goodies to come home to! I used to want to have a baby on 5-10-15 so badly! I thought it would be the coolest birthday date! I’m big into the numbers matching, not sure why. My husband was born on 5-15, I was born on 10-01 and our anniversary is 8-18….I just like the numbers to match! I understand you can’t pick your babies exact date but I know God would have done his best to get it as close as possible to that date for me! Anyways, I’m not having a baby anytime soon so it doesn’t matter!
Friday we had our usual date night out at SuCasa. Since this is the 3rd Friday in a row we have gone there, we don’t plan to go back for a while. While their food and atmosphere is amazing, we need a break! We ended up getting the front door and screen completely painted. I’m so glad we decided to paint the screen the same color! I think it really makes it pop!
We still need to work on the front steps, we plan to tear down the railing and make the step go all the way around the front stoop or platform thing. Or I plan to put a step on either side so we can make a walk way out to the backyard. The front has a strange layout that we need to change but it’s a bit difficult. I would love to put big green hostas in the front on that railing if we don’t put a step there.
Saturday the boys went fishing in the AM then came back and we all went out to lunch. We all ended up back on the boat for more fishing and a little ride. It was freezing and it was super rough! My friend and I both agreed that this was the roughest it has ever been while we were out there. We didn’t realize how foggy it was until the fog had surrounded us. I never get sea sick and being that I had a full stomach of wings and chips, my stomach started doing somersaults! I had to sit out in the open air to get the brisk air on my face. Luckily the boys realized it was getting bad so we pulled out lines and went back in. On our way back in another one of our guests got sick off the side of the boat. I was glad that someone else was feeling the same way I was (the just boys thought I was being dramatic because they think it’s been worse before), but I felt bad that we put our guests through that! Luckily we have a navigation system so we were able to see other boats and find our way back to the pier. This is what we saw as we were pulling into the pier heads! Bad idea eh?
Sunday I went to Target  and got myself a few things! My prize possession of the trip is my new maxi dress! I got it on the clearance rack for $10 off!
I also had to buy a new hair dresser because mine was mysteriously broken on Thursday. Friday when I went to turn it on, I heard a few pieces rolling around and the handle wouldn’t click into place. I am not rough with my things so I’m not sure how this happened. Luckily I always keep a spare dryer in my house for guests to use so I wasn’t completely up a creek without a paddle. We ended up taking Eric’s Mom and Step Dad and Grandparents out for dinner. We stocked at a cute garden center. I love and hate going to them because everything looks amazing there, then when I bring it home, it dies! But it’s always fun to look at get ideas. We went to Redamacks for dinner. They have good burgers and a good atmosphere.  After that we went back to his grandparents for a piece of upside down pineapple cake, which was delicious. I painted a picture of their old Deer Camp cabin on a window pain for Christmas and they wanted help hanging it up. I didn’t get a picture of it hung but here is the picture before I gave it to them. Eric’s grandpa was very emotional when we were hanging it because that cabin means so much to him and his family. Eric and his Step Dad still go up hunting near that cabin, but his Grandpa doesn’t make it up there anymore. I’m glad I could put a piece of that cabin in their home for him!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day!


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  1. I totally relate to the whole numbers matching! Hoping baby will make an appearance soon :)