Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Road Trip Essentials

My husband and I have been on many road trips during our relationship. He would rather drive instead of fly….I will always prefer to fly! Over the years I have discovered the few essentials I need for a long ride.

ONE. It’s important to have some sort of playlist available. Even if you put your music on shuffle, have music available. I can’t tell you how annoying it is driving through multiple states and always having to find a good station to listen to. Also I’m not a fan of listening to commercials on the radio anymore.

TWO. Snacks. Its important to have a few snacks packed so that you aren’t stopping every few hours to eat. I think when people get bored they want to eat, which I understand I love to snack! These are my top 4 I like to bring because they aren’t too heavy but you can eat a few and not feel too guilty.

THREE. A Nalgene bottle or any water bottle is great to have. My husband and his family always have a beverage in the car to drink whether they are going 10 minutes or 8 hours. The problem with that is Eric has to use the bathroom every 2-3 hours! Just try your best not to down a whole bottle in the first few hours.

FOUR. Pillows are great to have in the car because there is nothing worse than getting a kink in your neck because you slept funny. I usually get unbearable  headaches from that kink so I prefer to be comfy and rested when I wake up instead of in pain and cranky! I think everyone in the car prefers that!

FIVE. Reading material is a must for me. Some people can’t read in the car because they get sick. I do my best reading in the car. I need to have a small distraction going on. Sometimes I read with headphones on. Not sure why that is but I need white noise. Magazines are great because you can read them cover to cover and look thoroughly at all the pictures.

SIX. Chap Stick, Purell and Kleenex are something I never leave the house without but especially on a road trip, these are needed. For some reason  my husband’s nose gets really runny between 7 and 9 am. It’s best to have a good handful of Kleenex to prevent it from dripping. Chap Stick is great to have because I can’t function if I know my lips are getting chapped. I licked my lips raw as a child and I will never let that happen again! Purell is also great to have because when you stop at all those truck stops, you need a little something extra to kill those germs!

SEVEN. A car charger for your phone is essential. My husband and I used to fight over who got to charge their phone. I finally found a car charger that holds two USB cords so now we can charger at the same time! These are essential if you are relying on your Goggle Maps to get you to your destination.


These are my essentials, what are some of yours? Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Love your snack choices :) have fun on your trip! read that book too. I hope you like it!