Friday, May 15, 2015

Birthday Five on Friday


Today I am doing a Five on Friday birthday edition! Today is my husband’s 28th birthday! I can’t believe he is 28 and then in 6 months I’ll be 28….im dying because we are pushing 30! We are closer to 30 than 20! People tell me I’m the hardest to shop for…which is probably true! However I think I find the best gifts for others! Here is what I got my husband for his birthday.


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ONE My husband loves the dry fit tees. I like that they keep him cool and dry instead of a hot sweaty mess while on the water!

TWO When he’s out fishing in the mornings he needs a light sleeve to keep him warm. As the day goes on. the dry fit keeps him cool. This Columbian Tamiami shirt has UV protection so it keeps the sun away because he hardly wears sunscreen!

THREE The boys love to drink beer while fishing so I try to always provide as many snacks as I can! Sunflower seeds are great to share! 

FOUR I found this bottle opener on Etsy for $6. We are constantly losing our bottle opener on the boat so I thought if we had a stationary mounted opener we will always know where it is. This one also matches the theme of Beetle Bailey!

FIVE If the weather stays decent we are hopefully going to have dinner at the Idler Riverboat. Its a great bar on the water and they have the best pub nachos I have ever had!


ALSO TONIGHT IM SEEING PITCH PERFECT 2 TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting a looooong time for this and it comes out today and IM SEEING IT! Have a great weekend!

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