Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday

2006 brought tailgates, campfires, girls nights, spring break, prom, graduation, saying goodbye to people I had known all my life, wedding bells, heartbreak, meeting new people who I will cherish forever, finding true love and college life. As 2006 started out I was halfway through my senior year.  I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I was a C average student who hated school and wanted to live life to the fullest. My  boyfriend at the time was attending Michigan State so I was visiting there almost every other weekend. During the week my best friend Jen and I attended almost every school events. We loved to tailgate and support our team! We rarely went anywhere without the other. We were voted ‘Best Friends’ in our schools Mock elections! We went on a cruise for our Senior Spring Break Trip. I don’t recommend cruises to people who are in high school because there was nothing to do on the ship at our age. Prom was awesome except for the person I went with. He was over it being that he was in college, and he had to work early the next day. Since that was my last prom my girlfriends and I whopped it up till the sun rise the next morning! Summer brought my graduation and sister’s wedding. I was afraid her wedding would take away my accomplishment. Luckily they were both fabulous events that I wouldn’t trade for the world! Summer also brought my first true heartbreak. My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me the week of my sister’s wedding and 2 months before I was going to move to East Lansing  to be with him. Luckily my friends talked me into going away to school and meeting my new roommates. I thought I could go for a year and if it was truly terrible I could always come home.  The opposite happened. I fell in love with my three roommates and the college life style. I gained more independence in the first month than I had over the last 18 years! I learned to cook, clean, and study all on my own. I actually grew to love school and learning. The best part about moving to East Lansing was that I met my future husband on the first day of school. We had a class together and I sat near him the first day. He had a backwards  baseball cap on, Timberland work boots, a Ralph Loren sweater and glasses that were clear tinted sunglasses. When I think back to that day, I thought he was super attractive but couldn’t understand the glasses. Anyways, it wasn’t long before he saw my name on the sign in sheet and Facebooked me. We ended up doing a project together at the end of the semester and he asked me out on a date. Since my mother is the queen of watching scary Dateline stuff and passed that along to me, I made it a double date in case he was a crazy person! After our double date, we had a real date where we went to Champs and Sam’s Club! Then I ended 2006 with that amazing man with him meeting my parents for the first time, dinner at the Alibi(YUMM!), a quick Target run (I bought boots that I still own today), then we were off to a Pimp’s and Hoe’s New Year’s party where Eric met all of my friends in skimpy outfits.


2006 is a year that I will always hold dear to my heart since so many amazing and memorable things happened.

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