Monday, March 23, 2015

My Purse Obsession

I wanted to share my obsession of purses because I might actually have a problem and the first step is admitting it. These are allllll the purses I own and love. You may be asking why does one person need so many purses. I would answer with all my heart...BECAUSE THEY ARE FABULOUS! I think I love purses so much because they fit everyone. They don’t have a S, M, L stick inside them. If you love it you should rock it with all the confidence in the world!

I admit there are a few I could get rid of due to lack of use or because of the wear and tears it may have. I just can’t bring myself to do it because each purse holds a memory. I remember the purchase of each of these or when I was gifted them. 3 out of my 5 Coach purses were a gift. Husband bought me the cross shoulder for football games, my bridesmaids bought me the white Coach for my bachelorette party because they knew a purse meant way more than lingerie. The black one with the tie was a gift from my mother in law. The green purse was the first Coach I had ever bought myself and the brown one was my first Coach knock off I bought! The Vera’s I keep because they make great carry-on purses because you can gift a ton of stuff in them. You can never have enough clutches because you need one to go with each type of outfit. I think everyone should have a statement bag that every can see that bag for miles! I believe mine is my bright yellow handbag with the zippers on the front. It’s a Jessica Simpson purse that I saw and could never let go of. Yellow goes with everything! Each of these holds a special place in my heart!
I hope you have a purse that makes you feel fabulous when wearing it.

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