Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Goals

Better late then never! I decided to put together a list for my goals for the month of March. Since we are getting closer and closer to spring I want to make some changes for the better. I want to enhance my mind, body and soul. Ok that sounded super cheese but I do.
  • Start a 3 day a week workout routine. I have been looking into some cardio workouts, maybe kickboxing or things I can do at home. I just found out about a workout called Barre, it looks intense with low impact. I might check out some stuff in that area as well. I plan to get the husband involved so I have a source pushing me to do the work outs.
  • Drink more water. Weather it be in tea, with ice and a lemon, or boiled with a lemon, I need to drink more water!
  • Read the book 'The Five People You Meet In Heaven'. I don't read as much as I should. TV shows only stimulates your mind so much. Reading can enhance your imagination, creativity and soul. Hands down, I need to read more.
  • Redo my mantle in a cute spring way. Our mantel is very dull at the moment. Actually the whole house goes dull after Christmas. I want to liven it up with fresh picture frames, candles and something other than lanterns that have now taken over my house!
  • Try to care less about Facebook and Instagram. I do think it’s making us as a society need validation in our lives by seeing how many likes or comments we can get.
  • Wash, fold, and put away our clothes by Sunday night. For two people, we go through a lot of clothes. I think my husband must wear three layers every day or he changes his outfit three times a day. He has 3 times as much laundry as I do. Looking at a laundry basic dirty or clean full of clothes is stressful to me. If i get everything put away by Sunday night I eliminate the stress of looking at a laundry basic full of clean clothes all week.
  • Watch less TV. We don’t have a DVR so every time a show comes on that I want to watch I either have to watch it live, watch it the next day, or watch it whenever it comes on as a re-run. After thinking about it, there are only two shows that I am truly invested in. The others are trashy reality TV. Why watch reality when you can live it. Also if I’m not staying up late to watch these shows live I might get to bed earlier. Double goal!
Let me know what some of your March goals are!


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