Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday


Here are my top 5 things on my mind this week.


Charming Charlie I want to update my jewelry with spring arrangement. I think I have to buy that purse! I just received a MK purchase exactly like it this year for Christmas but I love this teal color. And I think that your purse needs to reflect who you are in life.  I also love Charming Charlie because everything is so cheap. If I purchased everything here it would cost me $152. They offer free shipping over orders of $50, I would probably split this into two orders of $75. If you use promo code LUCKY20 you can get $20 off of $75. If you have a smaller cart than I do, you can use promo code LUCK10 to get $10 off of $50. This would take my total down to $112. Then if I order through my Ebates account I will get 3% back which would be $3.36 back in my pocket.  I think I have successfully talked myself into this great purchase.

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Deck/Landscape Planning We are planning to add a deck in the spring and I need to draw up  exactly how I want it. We need the following out of this space;

1.) Outdoor eating area

2.) Fire pit Area

3.) Grill Area

4.) Landscape

Here are a few ideas from that I love.

Cinderella I loved this movie as a kid and I’m excited to see the new version. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Alice and Wonderland remake but I have higher hopes for this one!

Shania Twain I am so excited to announce that she is going back on tour! My husband and I plan to go to her Detroit show on July 25. I was such a huge fan of hers back in the 90s and in the early 2000’s. However I was still fairly young then and couldn’t buy concert tickets. If you want to see where she is playing near your city, you can look here to find her tour dates. I seriously can not wait to see her in concert!!

Car Detail I was skeptical about getting my car detailed (inside only). I thought there is no way they would be able to get out all of that dog hair. I have owned my Jeep Liberty for 2 years. We have taken it on many road trips across the state and down south. Most trips are traveled with the dog in the backseat. We put the seats down so that the hair only gets on the back of the seats but the windows are full of my dogs nose art (snot!) and there is dirt covering quite a bit of ground back there. My husband and I never sit in the back so we don’t mind it. After a trip we try to vacuum it out but after 10 quarters worth and 30-40 minutes of your time, it still looks the same as when you pulled up. I went to Walt Sicard’s and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I didn’t see a single dog hair, they gave me new floor mats for my car and it smells brand new in there! Sorry I don’t have any pictures but it looks so clean I thought about taking off my shoes to drive home so I didn’t get a speck of dirt on the carpet!


Have a great weekend!


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