Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Craft

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I thought I would share a few valentine craft with you.  I love to craft and create new knick knacks for the house. I found this one on Pinterest and I was so excited that it was cheap and easy to do.

 Things you will need.

       -White Canvas (I used 8x10)

       -Blue Painters Tape

       -Black Paint

       -Paint Brush

       -Red Fabric of any kind


       -Hot Glue Gun with Glue

       -An Assortment of Buttons (I bought a multicolor pack and spray painted them all the same
       shade of red)

1.) Take your canvas and make straight lines all the way across the canvas with your painters tape. Make them as straight as possible and try to space them apart as even as possible.

2.) Take your black paint and cover all the white you see on your canvas. Make sure not to leave any white spots behind. I had to do two coats or black on mine.

3.) Once the black paint has dried take the blue painters tape off. Turn your Hot Glue Gun on to let it heat up.

4.) Take your red fabric and trace the shape of a heart. Take your scissors and cut out the heart (I folded mine in half so that both sides of the heart would be symmetrical).

5.) Place your heart in the center of your canvas and glue it on. Make sure your heart is securely on your canvas because you’re about to add a lot of weight to it.

6.) Finally you are going to add your buttons! Here is where people have their differences. I placed all my buttons on to the heart and mapped out where I was going to put them. Some people just want to glue them down as they go. However you want to do it is fine.

7.) You are finished! Now put your new knick knacks somewhere you can enjoy it! J

Its the perfect addition to my mantel. Sorry for the blurry picture

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