Friday, February 21, 2014

My Little Kitchen

Our kitchen cabinets have finally been installed! Though it is just the base of them I am thrilled with the way they came together. My husband and his fellow CH crew did an amazing job and I could not be happier. We completely reconfigured the kitchen to make it more functional. We also wanted the open concept feel so we had to do some demo to achieve that.

If you think about it, you are in the kitchen a good 30% of your day. And you want to make sure you enjoy the space you are in. When we were re-configuring the cabinets we had to think about what we currently have and what we needed storage for. We made a list of everything we needed to store and everything we didn't. Our last house we did not have any extra storage outside of the kitchen so all small appliances had to be stored in the kitchen. Now I can store my crock pot or my toaster over, things that I don't use that often, elsewhere like in the basement and just bring it up when I need it.

I knew exactly what kind of pantry I needed. I have had a wide and deep and I have had a skinny and deep pantry before. The depth was a problem for me because things would get pushed back and I wouldn't be able to see them. Then I would buy something brand new that I already had new in the pantry....doing that makes me want to scream when I get back from the grocery store! Our new pantry is going to be wide and shallow so that I can 1.) see what I have and 2.) things won't go bad as fast. I see it as a win win!

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