Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Time Home Owners

We recently purchased a home in Southwest, Michigan. It's a quaint little beach town that has a lot to offer. While the winters here can be somber the summers are vibrant and full of energy. My husband grew up in here, so I'm glad we can start growing our own roots here together. The house we purchased is a whopping 1.6 miles from my in-laws. They are just a hop skip and a jump away. Being that close to your in-laws could drive some people crazy but it really has been a blessing while fixing up our home. They built their home 16 years ago so they know more about this process than we do. I always thought you bought a house, painted a wall or to and moved your stuff in. If you want to do that in this area you have to have either have a high budget or low expectations of what you want your house to look like.

Our home sits on 14 acres. For those of you who know me, I am a bona fide city girl. Growing up I always had a store, a restaurant or a movie theater within 5 miles of my home.  Not only would I have one store or restaurant to choose from but I had hundreds to choose from. Living in Southwest Michigan your options are a bit more limited. Which is not always a bad thing. When I first moved here 2 years ago to be with my husband, it was a big adjustment. I wasn't used to going to mom and pop stores, or not being able to make a target run whenever I wanted. The nearest Target is about a half hour away. While that doesn't seem far, trust me it is! I feel that I have finally adjusted to life in the 'sticks'.

Since purchasing our home 55 days ago we have made some serious improvements thus far. Making hundreds of decisions a day on what finishes go where and how to manage our budget has been interesting. My husband works for a company that builds luxury lake homes along Lake Michigan. We have amazing friends and family that have helped us turn our house into a home. We'll start with the before pictures and as everything starts to assemble, I will show you the progress. I hope you enjoy our journey as much as we have.

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