About Me


My name is Julie and I live in Southwest Michigan. I am a mom, a wife and a homemaker. I love to make crafts, go shopping and design pretty much anything. I'm not a great cook but I would like to be someday. I like to try new recipes every now and again. They don't always turn out the best but at least I can say I tried. I believe that everyone should try everything at least once in life. I love all things Disney! My husband and I have visited Disney World 5 times together and plan to take our little one there someday! I am a Michigan State Spartan. GO GREEN! GO WHITE! I plan to blog about things that are happening in my life and things that I find interesting.

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  1. Thanks for finding me! Fellow Michigander and the same name! Winning! Haha! :) Looking forward to following along (or at least trying to follow along in between taking care of the littles)! ;)