Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend my sister and her family came over to the west side of the state to visit and stay at our new house for the first time! Her husband helped Eric do a ton of stuff around the house so it was both work and fun! There was a festival going on this weekend so town was filled with lots of activities.
Friday night we made ribs on the grill and had dinner on the deck. Then we took a stroll down by the beach! Baby girl loved moved the rocks from one place to another!! Katie and Noah loved playing close to the water. Noah ever got in and went for a swim in his clothed! He loved every minute of it!!!!Then we had a bon fire which we made some excellent s'mores at!

Saturday my sister and I took the girls into town and did some shopping and watched the parade! The girls loved it!
After that we went back to the house to see all the progress the boys were making! After a few naps we had dinner in town which was nice but not the best service.
 Sunday we all got up and went to the local (tiny) airport for breakfast. This is something the Rotary Club puts on at the airport once a year. They have a huge pancake breakfast and you get to walk around the planes and they have a helicopter ride you can go on and there's also a hot air balloon you can go up in. The kids thought it was awesome and the pancakes were amazing!

We had such an amazing weekend and we can't wait to make it an annual family weekend!


  1. Breakfast at the airport sounds like such a fun experience! We have something like that on post here where the little ones can have dinner in the blackhawks. So cool!

    1. That would be amazing to be able to get inside of them!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! We had amazing weather and we couldn't have asked for better weather!