Monday, August 28, 2017


 Friday Night. After the wedding rehearsal we took baby girl out on the boat for the first time. We have tried several life vests and she hates them all! After a little while of her being top heavy and hating the vest I just took it off. Our boat has tall enough sides and we were trolling so we were going super slow. We played on the floor with an inflatable raft and she loved it!

Saturday. Our friends Adam and Christine's go married and we had a blast! We clean up good!


Sunday. Was hard! We were all feeling the repercussions of our actions the night before! We had a leisure day. We did a few projects around the house, took naps and biked over to a friends house for dinner. All and all a great weekend! :)

Labor day weekend is this weekend and we don't have anything feels sooo strange!

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