Monday, March 13, 2017


Good Morning!
We had a nice relaxing weekend at home. I was nervous about the time change with baby girl but she did just fine! We did have to put a sheet over her window because it was still pretty bright in her room when we were putting her to bed. We might need to invest in some blinds or black out curtains!

Saturday we met the handsome Damon! Our friends had him 3 weeks ago and he's sooo gorgeous! I forgot how it felt to hold a baby this way! I've been putting Em on my hip for so long that I forgot how precious they are in your arms!
 Baby Girl was looking pretty cute for church so I decided to snap a few pics!
We also had another first! We put Em in a high chair at a restaurant! It was awesome not having to eat really quick while Eric held her or vise versa! She sat completely content while we ate! I might need to put a bow on this girl once in a while so people know she's a girl! She's growing so fast if she's not in pj's she's in a plain onesie. I need to get better at accessorizing her!
 Seriously obsessed with Ed Sheeran's - Shape of You! I always stop what I'm doing and sing and dance!
Also we bought Baby Girls next car seat! We bought the Graco Extend2Fit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. I figure we could give it a try when the time comes and if we don't like it we can exchange it.
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Happy Monday!


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  1. Love that first meme! haha so true! Baby girl definitely does look mighty precious!