Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

Since baby girl is 8 months old already (WHAT?!?!) I thought I would try to remember all the things that I couldn't live without in the beginning.

1// Swaddles - I loved these swaddles! I tried the velcro ones but Em always got out of them and the loud noise it made when I was undoing them bugged me. These were super soft and easy to wrap her up in.
2// Rock N Play - This is what Em slept in in the beginning. I always put the vibration feature on but Eric said he never did.
3// Dr Brown Bottles - I used these when we were breast feeding and using formula. I like that they reduce gas and reflux.
4// Medela Storage System- I loved using these bottles for storage when I was pumping. It was easy and durable.
5// Car seat toys - Em loved these toys hanging from her playmat or her car seat. It helped her with her hand eye coordination.
6// Britax Travel System - Since Em was a summer baby I loved taking her for walks in this stroller. It folds up super easy and it's light weight. The car seat however is SUPER heavy! Emily is 20lbs now and the car seat alone is like 10lbs!
7// Radio Alarm Clock - I did not want to use a sound machine because I cant stand the noises it makes. However I knew we needed to have a clock in there and that clock had a radio sooooooo Em's sound machine is our local country music station! :)
8// Aquaphor - Emily has really sensitive skin so the Aquaphor helps any red marks or dry spots.
9// Jolly Pop - In the beginning Em used a paci. She doesn't anymore but when she did we got these from the hospital and she loved them! I loved them too because they were solid silicone.
10// Onesie - Having a summer baby made it hard to put her in anything other than a light onesie. Plus it was easy to get them on and off. I'm a big 'no fuss no muss' type of person so the simplicity of the onesie is my favorite!
11// Play Mat - I loved being able to put her under this and she was happy and excited the whole time! She was learning and comfy all at the same time!
12// Bath Tub - we struggled with in the beginning. We got this one first but Em hated it. She cried every time we gave her a bath. I never understood why. Turns out she was freezing because I never filled the bath up enough to cover her (because I was scared it should fall under the water). So this one she is covered by the water and now she loves it.
13// Pampers - I choose to use Pampers Swaddler's because again the hospital sent us home with them. But I have never had any issues with them. I have also tried the Pampers Dry at night which have helped with her sleeping through the night. When I use the Swaddler's they are pretty wet when she gets up.

Well I hope this was informative. These are just a few of the things I used when Em was my tiny little peanut!

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