Thursday, February 23, 2017


It's been a very very long time since I've posted anything....sorry about that.

Here's a little catch up in a few photos.
Baby girls seven month pictures

Seven months next to one month!
Eight months old!
Daddy reading bedtime stories to baby girl....Moose likes bedtime stories too!
I was planning on making this HOME sign for my mom for Christmas. I figured I would still make it.

We got baby girl this swing and an extra for our friends little girl. We cant wait till it gets nice to use it outside....right now we have it step up in the basement for her to swing on...super hillbilly but she loves it!
I found the best crock pot mac n cheese recipe here!

 Baby girl loves her big girl chair!
 First valentines day full of love!
 We bought a camper! It's a 2014 so its practically new! I'm excited to try it out...a little worried about baby girl but she'll figure it out ....right?
 Cousins! <3 p="">
It's getting warmer outside! :)