Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had another great fall weekend full of family and friends! Some of our plans fell through but we made the best of it!
We visited our friends who were in town. They have a little girl as well which is great for the dads to be able to talk about all the craziness that comes with having girls!

We went to a few stores, did some returns and made some purchases! I bought some fabric to try my hand at quilting! The dad's and I took the girls for a walk around town (my girlfriend was at a bachelorette party, we'll take her on the next walk).

After that we went to Eric's mom's house to visit with my SIL and her kids! I taught my 6 yr old nephew a new magic card trick! He was amazed! I love showing kids all the fun things we did as kids that don't involve an iPad or Wii.

We went for a walk on a local trail with my in laws and the kids. They had trick or treating along it so all the kids dressed up. It was such a nice day outside!

We did some chores around the house after the walk, we painted Em's pumpkin then Em and I learned a little about Snapchat.
She played in her activity chair and liked it! She only lasts about 10 minutes in it but I'll take it!
Lastly I've only dyed my hair once. I tried blonde highlights and hated them! I only had them for a few months then had to have her re-dye it back to my natural color. Then I was thinking maybe I went the wrong way with color. I went light instead of darker. I am wanting to go with an auburn brown color next. I need to try another color before I give up entirely on hair dying.
Hope have you had a great weekend as well!


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